While planning a Tibet trip, you may worry about the high altitude sickness. In fact, taking a train to Tibet is better than taking a flight, for you can get used to the raise of the altitude gradually on the way. In order to keep passengers comfortable during the journey, the Tibet trains are all equipped with the oxygen supply systems.

Oxygen outlet to ensure your safety
Oxygen outlet to ensure your safety
There are 2 kinds of oxygen supply systems equipped with on the train to cope with the lack of oxygen on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. One is a ‘dispersion-mode’ oxygen supply system, which spreading oxygen in the train’s cars through the air-con system. The other system is directly used by passengers through independent port. Passengers can connect the disposable pipe to a individual oxygen outlet when they get headache, feel out of breath or meet any other difficulties of traveling on such a high altitude. There are also oxygen supply tube and mask on each cabin for emergency.
Using the disposable pipe when you suffer from breathless difficuly
Using the disposable pipe when you suffer from breathless difficuly
Both of the oxygen supply systems are working when the trains are running in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Zone. That means the oxygen will be piped into the car at some 2700 meters above sea level during the Lhasa-Golmud period. And when the oxygen supply systems are working, no smoking is allowed in all the cars.

Individual Oxygen Outlet in Cars

Oxygen port under the seats
Oxygen port under the seats
It can be said that the individual oxygen outlets are almost everywhere in the Tibet train. You can easily find them below each seat in the Seats Cars. And there are 4 oxygen supply ports near every berth in each cabin of Soft-sleeper car. But there are fewer oxygen outlets in Hard-sleeper Cars, usually one port for one car.





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