A general cook house next to the first class soft-berth sleeper is equipped on each Tibet train and offers passengers 3 meals a day. Besides, a dining room adhere to the cook house provides tables and seats for those who would like to appreciate the spectacular scenery outside the train window while enjoying their food. In non-meal service time, you are kindly required at least to buy a beer or a cup of tea to seat there, otherwise, you will be drive back to your compartment. Food on the train is double time expensive than those in common cities, but quality is not as good as its price.

A normal dinner in Tibet train

 Food and Drink on the Train

There are plenty and various kinds of food on the Train. Almost all the trains in China have the dining cars which could provide snacks, dinner, cold drinks to passengers. The price of food do not included in the ticket prices.

 The elegant  environment of restaurant car in Tibet train

Attendants on the train also sell food and drink in kiosks. The kiosks are well designed that could pass coaches by coaches. And at the platforms, there are also people selling food such as eggs, noodles, snacks and drinks as water, milk, juice, etc. to passengers.


For large stations, there are lots of kiosks on the platform and the train will stay here for 20 to 30 minutes. You can ask the price and compare for the most reasonable ones.

 The restaurant car of Tibet train



On the train, there is also free hot water in very carriages that you can use your own cup to fetch water.

The attendants on the train also sell coffee, juice, tea, milk and other beverages. You can also buy soft drink and beer in the dining carriage.




If you think it is too expensive to have meal in the Dining car, there are some other ways to save you from hunger on board:


1. Bring some snacks along with you. For there is unlimited boiling water provided on board, instant noodle cups will be your best choice. Since food is cheaper in supermarkets, you can buy some noodle cups, bottled water, chips or any other snacks before getting on board. But pay attention that, the package of some food (especially puffed food like chips) may be expanding, even exploded due to the high altitude.

2. Purchasing from the trolley that be pushing up and down the aisles constantly. During lunch or dinner time, train attendants always puch the meal cart going through the train. A lunch or supper package, including 3 Chinese dish will costs you about 20 RMB. And there are also some fresh fruit, instant noodle cups, chips and some other snacks.

3. Buy snacks while the train stopped at one of the stations. There are major stops in at least three cities where vendors are set up on the platforms with hot/cold food, drinks, fruit and so on. To save your time (sometimes the trains just stop for few minutes in one stop), you'd better prefer some small bills. Or the vendors will cringe when you pull out a roll of 100's.





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